Basic Accommodation Terms and Conditions for the Anna Log Cabin


Anna Log Cabin Accommodation Price List

Summer season–July and August 35 000 CZK
Summer season–June and September 30 000 CZK
Winter season–December to March 37 000 CZK
Other dates 27 000 CZK
Christmas and New Year’s Eve 60 000 CZK
Outside the summer and winter season - 1 day 8 000 CZK
Outside the summer and winter season - weekend 16 000 CZK


House Regulations for the Anna Log Cabin (hereinafter referred to only as the log cabin).


Accommodation is not possible until after the dates for such have been properly booked, the contact information has been provided about the client ordering the accommodation and guests to be accommodated, and until the entire price for the log cabin, including any taxes, has been paid by bank transfer into the account of the accommodation provider.

Handover of the Accommodation Facility:

  1. Check-in: arrival at the log cabin on Saturday from 4p.m.
  2. Check-out: departure from the log cabin on Saturday by 11a.m.
  3. Keys to the log cabin shall be handed over to the accommodated guests on the spot upon their arrival.
  4. The accommodated guests shall be obliged to return all of the keys they accepted upon their arrival or during their stay upon their departure in the manner agreed in advance.
  5. Loss of keys: The accommodated guests shall be obliged to reimburse any costs associated withfitting new locks as a result of them losing the keys.
  6. Accommodated guests shall perform routine cleaning before checking out and handing over the log cabin to the accommodation provider.
  7. In the case of the accommodated guests terminating their stay in the log cabin prematurely, through no fault of the accommodation provider, no obligation arises to the accommodation provider to compensate the full or proportionate price of the stay to the accommodated guests.

The Purpose of the Stay:

  1. The log cabin is intended solely for recreational purposes. The accommodated guests are not allowed to perform any business activities (including any promotional, training, sale or other activities), nor may they sublease the log cabin premises. Obviously, any illegal activities are prohibited.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Accommodation is subject to the following requirements: a stay must be properly ordered, any necessary information about accommodated persons (and their numbers), which shall be recorded in the guest book, must be provided, and the agreed price of accommodation must be paid.
  2. The accommodation capacity of the log cabin is 14 persons (10 beds + 4 extra beds for children) and may not be exceeded.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in all premises of the log cabin.
  4. If the accommodated guests use the fireplace or stove for heating, they must not leave the log cabin until the fire has gone out. If the electric heating system is used, please turn the system down when leaving the log cabin.
  5. Making or using an open fire in the log cabin is prohibited.
  6. Cooking and preparation of food and drinks may be performed solely in the kitchens. These activities are prohibited in the other premises of the log cabin.
  7. Accommodated guests are obliged to use any equipment of the log cabin in accordance with the instructions for use.
  8. There is a sauna available in the building, with towels and sheets ready to use. Accommodated guests may use the sauna at their own risk and in accordance with generally recommended sauna procedures.  The sauna should be turned on only for the absolutely necessary time and must be turned off immediately after you have finished using it.
  9. Except for personal electronic devices (laptops, etc.) and equipment for personal hygiene, it is prohibited to use any other electric devices throughout the log cabin premises, including the garden.
  10. It is prohibited to move the equipment of the log cabin or otherwise change its disposition.
  11. The residential premises of the log cabin are not intended for movement of persons wearing outdoor shoes, in particular ski boots, sport shoes, etc. Accommodated guests are obliged to removesuch shoes and place them in the rooms designated for this purpose (the entrance hall and the ski storage room).
  12. The accommodated guests are obliged to maintain cleanliness and order in the log cabin premises, including the garden. If accommodated guests cause any major fouling, they shall be obliged to eliminate such at their own cost. If they fail to do so, the accommodation provider shall be entitled to compensation for damages occurred and for the cost of extra cleaning services.
  13. Accommodated guests are not obliged to separate waste, however, they are encouraged to do so. The dustbin next to the log cabin is allocated for mixed waste, the containers and bags for separated waste can be found in the entrance hall of the log cabin.
  14. Sanitary towels and tampons, nappies, etc. must not be flushed down the toilets (as they can block drains).
  15. Green Policy: Accommodated guests are encouraged not to waste water, not to leave lights turned on unnecessarily or overheat the log cabin premises, etc. The log cabin is centrally heated, the temperature in individual rooms is regulated by means of thermostatic heads fitted to the heating appliances.
  16. In the winter season, the doorstep area and footpaths leading to the log cabin are maintained once a week.  Accommodated guests must clear any newly fallen snow themselves during their stay. The necessary equipment and grit for winter servicing of areas covered with frost is stored in the garage of the log cabin.


  1. It is necessary to consult the accommodation provider regarding the stay of any pets. As a general rule, pets are prohibited from staying in the log cabin premises.

Safety, Damage and Accidents:

  1. In the case of any defective equipment in the log cabin, the accommodated guests must not repair it themselves.
  2. In the case of any defect or damage caused to the property of the accommodation provider by the accommodated guests,they shall be obliged to immediately inform the accommodation provider about such defect or damage and remunerate the accommodation provider for such damage.
  3. The accommodation provider is not liable for any damage to the accommodated guests’ property, theft of items (for example in the case of burglary, etc.).
  4. Prevention of thefts and burglary: When leaving the log cabin, the accommodated guests are obliged to lock all of the entrance doors and we recommended checkingthat the windows are closed.
  5. The accommodation provider is not liable for any damage to the health of the accommodated guests.
  6. Accommodated guests are obliged not to leave any individuals under their careunattended.
  7. Safety equipment: a fire extinguisher is situated in the utility room.

Rights of the accommodation provider:

  1. The accommodation provider is entitled to check the condition of the log cabin and the manner in which the accommodated guests are using the log cabin at any time after giving prior notice.

Final provision:

  1. The House Regulations are an integral part of the accommodation contract and the accommodated guests are obliged to comply with them during the entire period of their stay in the log cabin.


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